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AMI Rentals is locally owned and operated

Husband and wife team, with a few small helpers. Just like you we came here for vacation as a family and fell in love with this amazing island. We quickly realized a golf cart was the best way to travel the island, so we bought one for us to use. We relocated our family full time in 2020 to enjoy the sunshine, beautiful beachs and gorgeous waters. Entrepreneurs from Texas we quickly started our next venture AMI Rentals. We acquired a few more carts and began our rental business. We continue to expand and bring new offerings. We are committed to satisfied customers. We take pride in our meticulously maintained street legal golf carts. All of our vehicles are licensed and registered Low Speed Vehicles (LSV).

Why choose us for your golf cart rental

Let AMI Rentals take the stress out of your transportation needs

Vacations are for relaxing and making memories with those you care about most. While planning your next retreat to Anna Maria Island we hope you will allow AMI Rentals to serve you in your transportation needs. We will handle the delivery and return of your cart at no additional charge. Delivery is guaranteed by 4pm on the start date of your reservation, and pick up is at 10am on the end date of your reservation.  Imagine showing up to your vacation rental home or condo and having your golf cart ready and waiting for you!

6 Passenger Gas Golf Cart Rental

What they say about us

"Absolutely wonderful! I would be lost without bike rental. Thank You! It's the perfect solution for our business."
John Canister