FAQ's on Golf Cart Rentals

We’ve put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. If we have not answered your exact question, please contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our golf carts are registered, licenced and insured as Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) in the state of Florida. The same rules and laws apply to LSV’s as regular cars. Children under 5 must be properly seated in the appropriate car seat for their age. We do not provide car seats, you can rent a seat from a 3rd party provider.

For additional information please visit Florida Department of Transportation Safety  and Low Speed Vehicles Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles


All drivers need to be at least 21 years of age and have valid insurance and driver’s license. Drivers are required to sign the liability waiver as well as provide license information and proof of auto insurance prior to driving the cart. This can all be done very simply via our waiver provided prior to rentals.

All of our vehicles are registered and licensed Low Speed Vehicles (LSV). This means they can be driven anywhere the speed limit is 35 mph and below per the state of Florida. This encompasses the entire island of Anna Maria. Our carts are not permitted to leave Anna Maria Island, this means do not cross a bridge leaving AMI (Manatee, Cortez, and Longboat Key). Low Speed Vehicles (golf carts) are not permitted to be driven on Longboat Key. Holmes Beach has special ordinances that apply to golf carts not registered as Low Speed Vehicles.   LSV’s must obey all traffic laws and regulations the same as cars. All passengers must wear a seat belt at all times. Children under 5 years old must be in a proper child seat for their age and size. Please call us 941-841-7368 if you have questions about the location of your rental and the use of one of our carts. 

State of Florida:

Section 320.01(41), Florida Statutes

Holmes Beach Ordinances:

Holmes Beach Sec. 62-38. – Operation of golf carts on city streets

Holmes Beach Sec. 62-39. – Standards for golf carts operating on city streets

Holmes Beach Sec. 62-40. – Crossing of state roads by golf carts

All drivers must be over 21 years of age and have a valid drivers license and insurance. A waiver must be signed by each driver.

Delivery is guaranteed by 4:00 PM on the start date of your reservation. We make every effort to deliver earlier, but cannot guarantee delivery prior to 4:00 PM. 
Pick up/return is at 10:00 AM on the end date of your reservation. 

GEM cars are fancy golf carts. Both are street legal, both go 25 MPH. Both are classified as Low Speed Vehicles (LSV).

GEM cars have a few creature comforts our golf carts do not such as:

  • Full windshield
  • Automatic windshield wipers
  • Back-up camera integrated rear view mirror
  • Shoulder belt seat belt

Yes! The carts are only allowed to be driven on the island. Golf carts are prohibited from being driving on:

Manatee Ave (SR64)

Cortez Road (including the Cortez Bridge)

Longboat Pass (including the Longboat Pass Bridge)

For updated restrictions, please check here.


Absolutely, check out our blog for our favorite places.

We have a 2 night minimum on all rentals. We offer discounts for longer duration stays. Those discounts are automatically calculated in our booking software when you book online. Call us to book for the best price 941-841-7368.

Customers will receive a refund less a $25 cancellation fee or credit with 48-hour notice of cancellation. If cancellation is requested by customer inside of this 48-hour period, a rebooking credit will be issued to guest. Customers will also receive a full refund or credit in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone 941-841-7368 to cancel or inquire about a cancellation.

With a full charge each morning you can explore the island with no hesitation. There are so many factors that play into how far you can go it is difficult for us to make promises. The average for our carts is 45 miles on a full charge. Your best bet is to plug the cart in each night and you will have more than enough charge to drive our 7 mile island without issue. 

Both gas and electric have the same top speed so no need to worry about one being faster than the other. 

It really comes down to preference, size of your group, and availablity of power for charging at the home you have rented. 

Condo renters should always double check with their rental managment company for electrical access. Some condo’s do not allow electric golf carts and do not have outlets accessible for charging them in their parking area. In this case you will need to rent a gas golf cart.